Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meryl Ballew

Meryl Ballew, 24, Associate Production Coordinator/ Freelance Stage Manager, Astoria NY

What's the story behind your name?:

"My story isn't any better but it's kind of funny: My parents wanted to call me Beryl (which is a gemstone referred to as the heart of the ocean). However, my family has "thicker" genes and my aunt was worried that if I ended up being heavy, kids at school would call me Barrel (like the round item you put wine in). So my parents went to a name book to find the next best thing (Meryl which refers to a blackbird). Now I love my name although it causes a lot of spelling errors. And I would like to say that Meryl is my actual name unlike Meryl Streep who changed hers so that she could be as cool as I am...haha"

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