Thursday, October 21, 2010

John Bravo DeMicoli

John Bravo DeMicoli, 29, artist / small-businessman, a couch in Harlem.

: nothing great to share w. mine
me: thats okay. john: my dad wanted to name me galileo my mom wasnt having it me: hahha. really?3:35 AM john: yeah, so i got my grandfathers name me: where did john come from? john: and charles is my dads name thats my middle name bravo is my moms maiden name, i use it to rep my PR side3:36 AM aaaaaanyway


What's the story behind your name?:

"My dad is an engineer, a huge science history buff, and very proud of his south european upbringing, so he REALLY wanted to name me Galileo Galilei. My Nuyoriquan, not-sciencey mom wasn't having it so they went with plan B: naming me after my dad's father (John / Giovanne) and using my dad's name for my middle name (Charles / Carmello). When I was 24 - finishing 6 years of elite whitebread private colleges, and attempting a short-lived run for NY City Council in East Harlem / South Bronx - I finally went through my mixed kid identity self-acceptance stuff.

I took on my mom's maiden name (Bravo) to represent the other side of my family and to remind myself and others that in addition to being white(ish, i never identified with the culture), I'm also Sorta Rican. It was a relief and instantly felt right, now I just have to make it legal.

The last few Bravo generations are almost entirely women, so I'm the only (straight) man in the family still with the name. It's nice to carry on the Bravo legacy; that it's such a good name is double bonus!

If i wanted to get really Latin and use all four surnames I'd be John Charles Suarez Buttigieg Bravo DeMicoli, which I might do just to see on a drivers license commemorating my personal Venn diagram nook between 4 families."

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