Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alessandra Rizotti

Alessandra Rizotti, 25, Post Production Assistant at Family Guy, Silverlake CA

What's the story behind your name?

"My parents were watching Rocky in a movie theater. The credits rolled and my father thought the sound designer's name "Alessandro" was cool. My mom told him that wouldn't work because they were having a girl, so he added an "a" to the end of the name and called me "Alessandra." It means "The Great," like "Alexander the Great." My last name, Rizzotti, means "Rice." And, my middle name, Julia, means "Hairy" or "Youthful." So, I'm the great youthful hairy rice.

Actually, there's a small town in Sicily called Rizzotti and as I was riding a bus one day, an Italian man told me that there are a lot of coffee shops and car dealerships called "Rizzotti" in Sicily because it represents "wealth." That, I am not, but in spirit, I can be."

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