Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joshua Alan Conner

Joshua Alan Conner, 26, Non-profit arts salesman/bootleg stylist/catch-all crafty dude, Harlem.

What's the story behind your name?

"I was named, partially after my father. My middle name is also his. My first name apparently means everything from "Jesus is lord", "Obedience to the lord", and "salvation".

None of these meanings reflect who I am. Ironically, I'm very opposite to the meaning of my name. I don't believe Jesus is lord and I think obedience to the lord is ridiculous.

Salvation, however, I can get down with. I've lived a fairly rough and tumble life and from it, I've found that strength of character, acceptance, honesty, and the ability to appreciate even the hard times often leads me to a state of mind that I would consider to be very much like salvation. So perhaps my name isn't too inaccurate."

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