Thursday, October 21, 2010

Laura Wiese

Laura Wiese, 26, Voice Artist, San Francisco CA

"My full name is Laura Ann Wiese. There doesn't really seem to be much to special about it, but its actually the most mundane piece of the name that has the crazy story attached to it.

My middle name was originally supposed to be Catherine, but while my mother was pregnant with me my aunt took a turn for the worst with a nasty form of bone cancer. The family didn't believe she would live much longer. In turn, I was given the middle name Ann in her 'to be' memory. ...Turns out my aunt never had bone cancer. She told everyone that in order to swindle some money from the family.

She is still alive and I still carry her name.

As an added bonus, I was named Laura after the iconic 1980s General Hospital soap opera love pair, Luke and Laura.

I once met a guy who was named 'Luke' for the same reason I was named Laura...too bad he was only 5' 3", that would have been a match made in 80s pop culture heaven!"

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